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Awards Ceremony

We're passionate about making guests feel engaged, delighting stakeholders, and achieving objectives. We're resourceful in coordinating large-scale events from planning to a successful execution. Adept at driving revenue gains and significant savings through effective budget management and vendor negotiation. Instrumental in meeting deadlines and coordinating high-quality events.​​

What’s your destination for 2024? As far as fundraising planning went for 2023, your fundraising may have taken you to a different destination than you originally planned. Now, as we get started fundraising here in 2024, it’s never been more important to have a fundraising plan and a clear road map that is designed to meet your current goals and desired destination for your organization.

Grand Opening Board
Luxury Garden Wedding

Allow yourself the gift of being present with family and loved ones on your wedding day. Many have traveled far. Many you haven't seen in years. And while some will offer to help, remember that they are also guests too. Investing in a wedding coordinator allows you the peace of mind in knowing that all the wedding logistics will be tended to. 

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